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Selecting the Proper Battery

It's easier than you think to buy the wrong battery for your vehicle. Unless your current battery is definitely the original equipment, you're taking a chance by not double checking before you purchase the new battery. You can search for a certain battery, but there are a few general rules you should know before you search.

  • If the battery for your vehicle is sensor-equipped, remember to replace the sensor at the same time you change the battery.
  • Never swap an AGM battery for another battery unless the Applications book says it's OK.
  • When given the option of several different batteries for your vehicle, choose the one that will give you what you want performance-wise. It's up to you.
  • Always make sure you have the right battery before you charge and install it. Save yourself the hassle (and money) of having to buy another battery.

Watch the Yuasa Batteries Buyers Guide

Watch the Yuasa Batteries Buyers Guide video on RevZilla TV by RevZilla.com to learn about Yuasa Batteries accessories and batteries for motorcycles.

Lemmy from RevZilla discusses the various types of batteries sold by Yuasa Batteries Inc., and how to choose one for your motorcycle application.

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