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Is my Yuasa battery charger working properly?


1. Be sure to read all operating and safety instructions before using the charger.

2. If the A.C. power light (red L.E.D) is not on, make sure the charger is plugged into an A.C. outlet and sufficient voltage is available through the outlet. 120Vac +/-10%

3. If the A.C. power light is on but flashing, a charge error has occurred. Check the connections to the battery insuring the red clamp is on the positive terminal and the black clamp is on the negative terminal. If the connections are reversed, unplug the charger and reconnect the clamps to the correct terminal locations.

4. If the terminal connections are correct and the A.C. power light continues to flash, unplug the charger and disconnect it from the battery for a minimum of 5 seconds. Reconnect the charger to the battery and plug the charger into the A.C. outlet.

5. If the A.C. power light continues to flash, disconnect the charger and locate a known good battery to test the charger function. If the charger operates properly, (as described below) the battery you attempted to charge earlier should be replaced. If the A.C. power light continues to flash on a known good battery, the charger should be replaced.

6. If the A.C. power light is on and not flashing and the charging light does not turn on, check to make sure the charging clips are connected to the battery. When using the supplied fused ring connector, check the 3-amp fuse inside the cable fuse housing to insure it is in place and is not blown.

7. The SmartShot 900mA charger will begin charging (yellow L.E.D.) within a few seconds after proper connection to the battery. When charging is complete, the yellow light will turn off and the storage (green L.E.D.) will appear. The A.C. power light will remain on as long as the charger is connected to an A.C. outlet.

8. The SmartShot 1.5Amp charger will begin charging only after the qualification test mode. This may take from 1 minute to 3 hours to complete depending on the condition of your battery. During the qualification test mode, the yellow charging light will flash. Once qualified, the yellow charging light will stop flashing and remain on continuously until the battery is charged. Upon completion of charging, the yellow light will turn off and the float (green L.E.D.) will appear. If you leave the charger connected to the battery and plugged into an A.C. outlet, the charger will automatically recycle through the qualification, charging, and floats modes every 28 days.

9. When charging a larger automotive or commercial type battery, the charger may not reach the float or storage mode (green L.E.D.) condition due to the internal resistance of the battery. This does not indicate a defect in the charger but rather that the inherent capacity loss of the battery is greater than what the charger can supply. While the continual charge condition should not create a problem for the charger, a charger specifically designed for a larger battery may be considered to completely charge the battery.

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